Damaged Re-Released

So I mentioned ohhh about two months ago, that I was going to take Damaged down because it was in serious need of an editor.

I was fortunate enough to meet Sammie, who started off as a helper for the Violet Hour Book Reviews, and when I offered her a chance to read Damaged she jumped at it. 😉 maybe I am being a little over-zealous but I like to believe she was jumping up and down about it. I was 😉 anyways, she, the lovely peach that she is offered up to be my editor. And *coughPAcough* <- yup PA as well ^.^ so she just helps spread my “awesome-ness” to the world. with her own awesome flare.

So Sammie was wonderful, did a wonderful job, and then we had to do formatting again. My lovely formatter not only was swamped, but had personal things going on, so bless her, she is a doll and squeezed me in. Everything was ready to go, and all the while I was also working on getting a Box Set called Dangerous Lovers with some kickass authors. Which released about a week or so ago. ^.^ YAY. NOTE: it is A KINDLE BOX SET. there aren’t new stories in there sorry.

Anyways! ON TOP OF ALL THIS NESS GOING ON, I have been working on getting Healed (book two) out to my lovely betas, and forcing it down their throats before I get to force it down all your’s. So anyways Healed is written, is completed, in a sense. Its gone through one beta edit already, and I sent out the newest copy, and blah blah blahs. So Healed is coming along nicely. Does that mean I have information for you on it’s release?

Hmmm….yes and no. Here is my dilemma, as much as I wanna say, it will be out in two months, I mean why not right? Well to those who have finished the original/new copy of Damaged, thank you so much, and I love it! But Damaged had a bumpy start, and some things got a little skimped on the first time around. But also I started writing Healed at the end of November. So it took me about three months to write. That was just to write. Quite frankly I don’t want to be labelled right off the bat as an author that can push out a book every two months, I don’t know how these amazing ladies do it, but O.O eep!

That is one reason, second reason: I got some AMAZING, AMAZING NEWS. The wonderful Carlyle Labuschagne did this crazy Giveaway for a featured spot at her table, at UtopYA if you aren’t sure what that is, its one of the biggest growing Book Cons out there. It was a huge hit last year and I was INSANELY jealous of everyone that got to go, just in generals. If I could have, I would have been there. But I was in Chicago as it so happens that exact weekend XD. ANYWAYS! So this insane giveaway…guess who won, no seriously guess. ==> Yeah me. Somehow?!

This is an AMAZING opportunity. BUT, here is a little somethin’ somethin’ I love to hate to admit. I am not rich O.O WHAT?! I know, CRAY CRAY. So we have established I am not rich. Damaged has been off the market for two months after being on for about two weeks or so. I wasn’t doing horrible, in fact I was quite proud of my baby. Anyways the point was, I know a lot of authors have given me advice (and friends) to use my earnings from Damaged as my “book fund money” yeah… I don’t have “fund” for that really. Anyways POINT IS THIS:

So I spent a weekend hidden under my covers debating. UtopYA this is HUGE? How can I say no? So I didn’t. And I have been working on getting my own little stash of swag which now I am considering calling SOS HAHAHAHAHA its funny because I’m poor.

So now that I am working on my SOS, I am working at trying to get myself integrated back into the published world. I feel like I was a bit of a break during the time Damaged went down to about two weeks ago when I realized Damaged could go back into the world. Scary, but more thrilling thought as now I had a 1000 times for confidence in it because of all the amazing work Sammie did for me.

Third Reason I don’t have a date for you: Book Three is being a huge pain in my A$$, here is the thing. I am a mixture of a pantsier (am I spelling this right?) writer, and a planner. I get bullet points in my head, and I try to connect the dots as it were. So we meet a new character (quite a few actually) in book two which one of them will be having her own book. She is the character that is calling to me. Her story is almost next to crystal clear in my head… Nixie’s story, and I love her, I do. Is there but its murky. Its like I can see everything after the halfway point, but getting there? Not so much. That isn’t to say that I am going to release new mysterious character book first but I do have a way that i can do it. I can rework the series easily to fit the character’s stories as the way I want them.


oh yes there is always a BUT

I wanted to write a prequel. A prequel that I think might not be for everyone. And truthfully? I am okay with that. It is a story that I want to tell, that I think needs to be told. It would most likely be a NOVELLA. Which i am currently working on. I believe this will be the next thing to be released after Healed. so I know what you are thinking, pffft Becca then you have plenty of time to figure out Nixie’s book don’t leave us in the dust yo. Well here is the thing my fine speaking friends, you know how I did that epilogue, who was in someone’s POV I need to figure that out for book two before I release it, so it have to decide before then. So there is that.

Now that I am done running my fingers (aka mouth)

DAMAGED IS OUT AGAIN. I am so proud to say that I am feeling pretty good about it. Still waiting on reviews to start flowing in 😉 but that comes with time.

There will be more news about Healed, the cover is finished. I have been sitting on it for about a month now and I KNEW the moment I revealed this info I would be chomping at the bit to do a reveal, it will PROBABLY be happening middle/late April. So I know what you are thinking now: Becca you are going to tease us with the cover, but not the book WHAT DA FUDGE? Well UtopYA is happening in June that is A HUGE HUGE HUGE reason I am not considering June as a release month for Healed. Not only will I be stressed enough as it is, I know readers, they will be saving their cash monies for UtopYA … I don’t blame them I am too.

I encourage you all who have bought a copy that if you loved it, liked it, thought it was meh, or unfortunately you found that Damaged and me weren’t for you, that you leave a review. Of course I would hope if it wasn’t for you, that you be respectful in a review, but I wanna know what I can improve upon.

I don’t know what else there is to say other than thank you ❤

Thank you to all the amazing peoples who have supported me and helped me and those who are still to come ❤

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