New Projects

Burned (The Rebirth Series Book 3)


Releasing  May 14th

Preoder now:


Two joined souls destined to be torn apart.

Going against fey customs, Marcus left his realm millennia ago to be with his true mate. Yet, the cruel hand of fate has torn the two apart time and again. Now, with the Clans plotting for destruction or domination over the Rebirths, the hunt is on. Marcus must find her once more, unfortunately he’s not the only hunter on the prowl.

War is coming, Althea can feel it in her bones. Haunted by the memories of the yellow-eyed fey who saved her, she feels he could be the answer to saving their world. With the storm clouds of battle closing in, can Althea find the strength to come out of hiding and face her past head on?

Times they are changing …


Dance With Death (Curse Breakers 3)

Synopsis coming soon

Cover coming soon

Releasing Summer/Fall 2019



The Final (tentative) Installment to the Mercenaries for Hire

No Cover yet

No Synopsis yet

Merc for Hire: Moss


  1. I just finished Contracted in Shifters and Spice and wondered when and where I can find Apollo and Mallory’s story?

    1. Hey hun! sorry i just checked this….i really need to get on here! Apollo and Mallory’s story is in the works right now should be out early next year (2017)

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