New Projects

Secrets of the Dead

(Abel Haynes Chronicles)

(Cover Coming Soon)

Releasing Winter 2018/2019

Tentative Synopsis:

A necromancer’s 21st birthday is a sacred moment in our lives. We perform a ritual that will determine the rest of our lives. My twin and mine 21st birthday is different because we have secrets surrounding us, bigger then my sister knows. My parents have been keeping things from the both of us.

               Our birth had been our families’ biggest secret until I discovered the other secrets our parents had been keeping from us. Now with only a week before our birthday, I have to find a way to save my sister.


Burned (The Rebirth Series Book 3)

Cover Coming Soon

Releasing Winter 2018/2019 (meaning Jan or Feb)

Two souls burned in the past finally reunited.

Marcus a warrior fae left the Shade a millennia ago to be with his true mate, a mate he was destined repeatedly to lose. The Clans are making the move to destroy, control, or save the Rebirth Paranormals. Marcus is about be to reunited with the woman he thought he lost. But his past is coming for him too. The fae are on the move.

War is coming.

Althea had memories of a yellow-eyed magical being who had saved, killed, and been hers. Those memories will threaten to destroy the love she once had, but could also save the lives of hundreds of paranormal creatures. It’s time to stop hiding and face the past head on.

Times are changing.


The Final (tentative) Installment to the Mercenaries for Hire

No Cover yet

No Synopsis yet

Merc for Hire: Moss


    1. Hey hun! sorry i just checked this….i really need to get on here! Apollo and Mallory’s story is in the works right now should be out early next year (2017)

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