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Good News, Bad News, and some Rambling

I haven’t been hiding from you or anything. I promise. I am sort of active on my facebook pages, and my profile.

I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on.

So here’s the happs cats

Cause its the weird cat GIF i could find, that is why XD


Anyways, so my facebook page yesterday hit 900 likes! which is insane all its own, so right now a ton of amazing authors, whom i ADORE, offered to donate some serious awesome prizes. The BIG giveaway for 800 likes is still going on, the three signed paperback one, I just wanted to say also if you were planning on doing a review for it you got about 17 more days I believe. I know it seems sort of unfair for me to ask so much for those prizes, but I am trying to get more notice of Damaged, one of the best ways is Reviews. TRUST ME when I say, I never use to look at review when I first got into indie books, but farther into them, I did, and I realized a LOT of people pay attention to them – hence why I started a review blog because I wanted to help out these amazing authors i had been reading. So I hope you know I am not just doing as a ploy to get people to buy Damaged, therefore making me “rich” its really about the reviews. If you honest to God cannot afford the 2.99 but still really want to do the review with in the time period, we can talk I swear I don’t bite, but look at this way: Skip a coffee, or energy drink one day, and you probably have enough to get Damaged. okay okay okay I am going to stop being an ass


^^^^^ boo on me

Okay so there is that.

I was going to do like a week long of Flash Giveaways on Facebook, but currently without adding any of my own prizes, I am sitting on like i think almost 20 prizes… I was hoping to spotlight the authors/bloggers who were helping me out. So I might do package of prizes, and do a mix of spotlights as well. BUT I will not be able to organize that right now… :/

This weekend happens to be VERY busy for me. I am working on Friday, I amgraduatingcollegeonSaturday *gulps*, and working again on Sunday. SO i am going to TRY to organize it after work on Sunday

AND on top of all these giveaways, HEALED’S COVER WILL BE REVEALED ON MAY 5TH!



I also just finished another beta’s notes, I am feeling a lot better about the book as a whole now, and also some other news.

Oh and you can sign up here to help, author, reader, blogger, blah, blah, blah:

And I am just going to get into position here….

Yes I am hiding….

So, the way I write and I am sure everyone else writes, is by inspiration and I have talked to my friends about this and they agree, never force yourself to write a story you are not ready to write. So with that said I know those who have read Damaged, LOVED Nixie, and while her book was supposed to be book two anyways Elijah’s story just cried out for me to pay attention to it, so I did, and I reworked it, and Healed would be second, Broken (Nixie’s book tentatively) would be third. UM. here’s the thing

Nixie’s been pretty quiet. I know what I want to do for the second half of her story. I just don’t know how to get there. And there is a lot more that has to go into her book for the entire world as well that I am just not sure the series is ready for yet. If that makes sense. I can’t go into details because I am not going to give away spoilers of my own books XD. So as of today I am making the tentative, but most likely decision to push back Nixie’s book once again. Trust me I couldn’t feel worse about this, but I can honestly tell you from responses that I have gotten from betas you will LOVE, the character book three will be based off of. So here is how I am seeing the series as a whole and how they will be released

Damaged – Audrey and Stone’s story – already released

Healed – Elijah and Valentine’s story – July 2014

Stolen – Drake and Xavier’s story (a Prequel) – October 2014 (tentative)

Tamed – Amani and Benedict’s story – TBD

Broken – Nixie and Dallas’s story – TBD

Burned – Marcus and Althea’s story – TBD

OKAY BEFORE we get the pitch forks and what nots, Calm down please!

Drake and Xavier story, yes is about two gentlemen, I don’t know how people will respond to this, honestly this is NOT IN ANYWAY supposed to be a typical M/M romance, where its (as others have put it) gay sex all the time. It’s not, honestly its supposed to be an Adult book, but I don’t think I will be going into very exploit details on their love making 😉 I am saying this because I don’t want people to be automatically turned off by the book because of the characters its about.

I am writing their story because I believe it needs to be told, I WANT to tell it, so I am going to. This is not necessary for the entire series, you do not need to read this book in order to move forward into the series, nor do you have to read it first in order to understand what is happening in the entire series. There will be more in depth history of how the paranormal world became the way it is now. BUT i highly suggest when this book finally releases that Damaged is read first, why? Because the timeline I am writing out happens before Damaged, but also goes a little bit past Damaged as well. So there may be spoilers for Damaged, I am not sure yet as I have no finished writing it yet. ALSO it may or may not be a novella. I don’t know because I don’t write towards a certain word count or page number. I just write until their story is over. So yeah.

Wow I ramble.

So I think I covered everything for now ^.^


THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR AWESOME SUPPORT, I wouldn’t be anything without you ❤





So in attempts at drumming up attention, and interest in Damaged, I decided to do a probably slightly crazy Giveaway.

First I asked on my Author Page on Facebook those who are willing to Read and Review the e-book copy of a book in order to win a paperback, I was astounded by the amount of people that were all for it. *so insert evil mastermind planning*

I decided when the page hit 800 likes (I was seriously like 10 away) that we would do the signed paperback copy. But I am also offering it as there could be one international winner as well – if you have never shipped international, its a lot of money – A LOT. I have looked it up before as I have a friend over seas that I wanted to send her stuff. So it ain’t cheap. And while its a grand thought that authors don’t have to pay for the paperbacks they get – I am going to let you in on a little secret, come closer, *whispers* we do.


Anyways. So because of this giveaway, I decided to drop the price of Damaged down a bit, a dollar. I know what you are thinking, well that isn’t very much. Well I also had the whole issue with Amazon not putting my book up its original price until about two weeks after I wanted it, so there is that. And really I get that e-books are supposed to be more inexpensive, and trust me when I see an e-book over 5.99 I am going like this

But this is my reasoning for Damaged being “on sale” for 1.99 – its only 2 dollars, in most cases that is cheaper than the coffee some people *cough* me *cough* buy. Seriously fancy coffee ain’t cheap. And it takes – and no offense to any brista or Tim Horton’s employee out there, it takes them what? 3 minutes – AT MOST to make? I realize there is more that goes into it, its the cost of the milk, the actual coffee, the machines that are used, etc, etc, etc, BUT they are also selling probably over 10,000 a day. A DAY. I am lucky to sell over one book a day. Yeah….so what takes me roughly 5 months to write, 3 months to edit (mine, betas, and my awesome editors), not to mention the $$$ i have to put into the beautiful cover, the beautiful formatting, and everything after, I think (and i am not trying to sound like an ass right now) I think that it isn’t unreasonable to call taking a whole dollar off as a sale.

So please don’t hate me

I understand that readers such as you and I, buy books on a daily basis, a lot of times bi-daily basis, if not more.


So with all that said here are the rules:

Kimberly Hart – generously offered a SIGNED PAPERBACK AS WELL ^.^ and trust me you wanna try for this bad boy as well, that doesn’t mean you need to buy her book and review it as well, if you choose to do so, AWESOME, its a beautiful collection of poetry that I firmly believe it is for the readers of today, its for us, and she really invokes more emotion in one poem them some people can in four chapters. You will feel the feels. I promise

So really all that has to be done is give her page some love here: Kimberly Hart

You gotta show me some love 😉 here: Becca Vincenza
f you have a twitter you can follow me here: @BeccaVincenza

Now for the big rules: You can BUY Damaged  for 1.99 and send me your order number

and for separate points you can REVIEW Damaged, and link me the links to your reviews, if you want to post it on goodreads, or amazon, or nook, or booklikes, or your blog only, that is what you can do, or if you want to do all or some excellent ^.^

Now with all this said and done, I will be checking entries, and order numbers, why you ask? Because while I don’t think its ever been a problem for any of my giveaways, I know people sometimes decide to cheat. And that isn’t fair to the people who are willing to do all this for me. And really this is MY HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to the people who are so willing to do it.

I will note: If you have already bought Damaged, or you have received a copy from me either via giveaways, read for reviews, etc, you are still allowed to enter.

So this is all being done in a rafflecopter  <— click ^.^

I am having this Giveaway run for a month – I hope that is enough time for most readers, and I truly hope that people are interested in helping this little author out ❤

AND this is the BIG BIG BIG BIG part of the RULES: I do NOT want you to change your Review in anyway thinking it will sway me. I want HONEST REVIEWS. Also I am not asking for a Becca-style review, if you know what I mean from my reviews on my other blog, The Violet Hour, seriously if you could write 1-4 sentences helps. Thank you all so very much….



Release Day Blitz: more. By Kimberly Hart

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Book: more. A Collection
Author: Kimberly Hart
Link: Goodreads

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The debut poetry collection of Kimberly Hart.

Words from a woman that is more than just a mom, more than just a lover, more than just a friend. Poems that capture the complexity of the heart, giving you a glimpse into the intricate inner musings of someone longing and searching for something more. Love & Life. Hope & Loss. Light & Dark. Raw & Gritty.

Do you want more?

Warning: This work contains subject matter that is adult in nature. Intended to be read by those 18 and older.

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My Review: 5 out of 5 starsMy first review of a collection of poetry this shall be interesting 🙂

Song Choice: “Misguided Ghost” by Paramore, “Breathe Me” by Sia, “maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Fall Into the Sky (featuring Ellie Goulding)” by Zedd & Lucky Date, “Crazy” Cover by Melanie Martinez,
“Pursuit of Happiness” Cover by Lissie

First thoughts: Even if you aren’t an avid poetry reader *cough cough like me cough* for reals the only poetry i really read has been for my English classes. If you are looking for contemporary poetry that you will both connect with, and relish, you will LOVE, Kimberly Hart’s collection for more.

So since this isn’t a novel this is going to be a a little different 😉

The collection:

Okay so I thought it had an amazing mixture of this lighthearted fun times, things like the LOL (sorry can’t remember the exact title), and a few others, but there were these wonderful moments of motherhood, I felt close to the author, to the idea of motherhood, and what it really means. I think that the author really bared her soul to the readers and really showed us.

There was also holy hotness, parts that I was thinking to myself… well hot damn. This was explosive, heartbreaking, and utterly beautiful.

Never in my life had I felt such longing to submerge myself into words ❤

There was (pardon the pun but not really because i love puns) more to this poetry collection than trying to dissect every little detail wondering why we are using this verses that, this is poetry that you can submerge yourself in, lose yourself for a moment or two. Really disappear into the words and the actions.

It wasn’t just one type of poetry, there was so much here and I think there a little something for everyone. There was humor, there were tears, and there most definitely was steam ;).

This collection I think will totally knock your socks off.