Release Day Blitz: more. By Kimberly Hart

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Book: more. A Collection
Author: Kimberly Hart
Link: Goodreads

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The debut poetry collection of Kimberly Hart.

Words from a woman that is more than just a mom, more than just a lover, more than just a friend. Poems that capture the complexity of the heart, giving you a glimpse into the intricate inner musings of someone longing and searching for something more. Love & Life. Hope & Loss. Light & Dark. Raw & Gritty.

Do you want more?

Warning: This work contains subject matter that is adult in nature. Intended to be read by those 18 and older.

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My Review: 5 out of 5 starsMy first review of a collection of poetry this shall be interesting 🙂

Song Choice: “Misguided Ghost” by Paramore, “Breathe Me” by Sia, “maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Fall Into the Sky (featuring Ellie Goulding)” by Zedd & Lucky Date, “Crazy” Cover by Melanie Martinez,
“Pursuit of Happiness” Cover by Lissie

First thoughts: Even if you aren’t an avid poetry reader *cough cough like me cough* for reals the only poetry i really read has been for my English classes. If you are looking for contemporary poetry that you will both connect with, and relish, you will LOVE, Kimberly Hart’s collection for more.

So since this isn’t a novel this is going to be a a little different 😉

The collection:

Okay so I thought it had an amazing mixture of this lighthearted fun times, things like the LOL (sorry can’t remember the exact title), and a few others, but there were these wonderful moments of motherhood, I felt close to the author, to the idea of motherhood, and what it really means. I think that the author really bared her soul to the readers and really showed us.

There was also holy hotness, parts that I was thinking to myself… well hot damn. This was explosive, heartbreaking, and utterly beautiful.

Never in my life had I felt such longing to submerge myself into words ❤

There was (pardon the pun but not really because i love puns) more to this poetry collection than trying to dissect every little detail wondering why we are using this verses that, this is poetry that you can submerge yourself in, lose yourself for a moment or two. Really disappear into the words and the actions.

It wasn’t just one type of poetry, there was so much here and I think there a little something for everyone. There was humor, there were tears, and there most definitely was steam ;).

This collection I think will totally knock your socks off.

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