Month: June 2015

My Totally Unrelated to UtopYA post (with sprinkles of Utopya-ness)

These last couple of months, well really now that I look at it, this first half of this year


Here is another semi-in-depth look into what happened.

I……posted-phoned Hexed Hearts on my own schedule because after much decision with a very good friend of mine, she and I decided I was falling back on a lot of my “bad habits”, and pretty much escape-goats. Making this decision, I pushed back the book by almost three months because my first choice editor at the time was booked for the next couple months.

During that time I was working on the first well quarter of Burned, I was supposed to be working on Tamed, then I ran into a huge plot hole problem, it was messy. So anyways I was working on it and then I was getting antsy about HH, to say i was distracted was an understatement

Jump forward to March, editing time *got my determined face on*
I am not going into specifics here…I was getting nervous and ready for UtopYA (three months left i needed to order swag, books, overall freakout) and things with HH weren’t going great :/

Jump forward to April and HH is pushed back again me and new editor and I are working our bumbums off on this. Not only that but I am making huge decisions in my “non-writing” life. I had been working two jobs and I decided that in the end it would be best for me to go full time at one and drop the other. I didn’t want to leave my first job but I was under way amount of stress so downgrading seemed like the best plan for me. It was, but it was also a bit of a transition.

So Rush through April, and now its May and Hexed Hearts is still being edited, all my time is dedicated to that, and to my new full time position where we had 2 employees leave, and still getting ready for UtopYA

The beginning of June felt like a blur to me. It was a count down to the long awaited UtopYA, it was the release of Hexed Hearts, it was insanity.


UtopYA 2015

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It was really amazing this year 🙂
I was so excited to have been able to go and have a half a table all on my own, and try to be a big girl. I clung though. teeheee. I had the best across the table mates, and table mates. I was excited to have gone again this year and I can’t wait for next year. I was so excited to hang with all these people I have been talking to online for months, almost a whole year.
Anyways This was my couple weeks ago and I miss it dearly. This, books, authors, readers, human beings who understand my love for writing and reading, that is my world. I hate to say good bye to it, and have to wait almost another year to go back.

So anyways

Now June is almost done.
Can you believe that? An entire half a year passed already!
People warned me that time goes by faster the older you get, I totally understand that now.

So here is where I am at:

Hunter’s Heart is the companion piece of Hexed Hearts. This is Hexed Hearts in Hunter’s POV, no I don’t have a synponsis ready but I will make one up on the fly for you in a bit. But here is the thing, back in the day before I wrote for publishing purposes, I usually wrote my books in one person’s point of view, *much like Hexed Hearts is written* Here is a fun little tidbit for you, Damaged was the first book I ever attempted to write the Male’s POV much less dual points of view. I found out that I sort of loved it. And I had planned on doing that with HH but Hunter was QUIET, silent, even.
So I pushed on with only Colette’s POV and she was such an amazing character for me that I didn’t really need to do both. BUT then he started to talk a little more than half way through he wanted his story heard.


Alrightie moving on to my on the fly, going to totally change synopsis for my boy Hunter

Hunter’s Heart

The steady rhythm of my feet and my heart.
I had been raised a lone wolf. I had a curse placed on me when I was young, making my wolf more powerful than the man.

Hunter had given up hope of a mate long before he knew what it meant. He had been set on a lone life, as an enforcer, doing what was best for his wolf. He lived by his wolf’s needs.
When a scent his wolf would never forget takes over him he will do anything to find her.
His mate.
What Hunter wasn’t expecting was Colette. A girl with a mysterious past, and an even more dangerous future.

Terrible? Yeah 😉 it needs more work

Anyways I am maybe 1/4 of the way through that. I have been trying to write after I get out of work, before I go into work, on the weekends. I haven’t made a whole lot of progress because I am still recovering 😉

I had to change the order of the Rebirth Series … again
This time Burned was moved forward and Tamed was moved back

So where I am I at with my Rebirth Series?

Currently I am a little more than 1/4 of the way through Burned as well * i am farther word wise in this then Hunter’s Heart* But I am going to tell you all a bit of a secret. I totally considered cutting everything I wrote and starting over. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the beginning. I am still not 100% but I am going to try to move forward in it.

I’ve mentioned before that I HATE writing two things at once because I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere. At the beginning of the year, before everything happened. I was hoping to have Hexed Hearts out two months ago, and Burned into edits by now if not further than that.

I hate to disappoint you all, and you all know that. I just want you all to know that I am working, I am writing and right now I need to write what comes to me. I have been stuck on a spot in Burned for a couple months, granted i haven’t really put much thought into it but since I am off for a couple months from preparing for Conferences or etc. I am working my ass off to move forward in both projects

Please if you want to keep up with me and be updated, I will do my best on the facebook, but I am going to try to do better at turning it off and writing. I feel behind 😦

So I candied up, and turned the facebook off every now and then and have been working

I hope this update helped you all understand where abouts I am and what I am up to

You are all amazing
I hope for those you haven’t checked out Hexed Hearts that you do, and I hope you enjoy it

In Light of a Release

Hello everyone

Have I mentioned I am terrible at keeping up with blogs? Usually I am much better with facebook but if you follow me there you know I have been sort of silent on there as well. Well what gives?

Last time I popped on here it was to give you all some sort of sad news, the release for Hexed Hearts was being pushed back

I know, I know i felt the same way. After struggling with Damaged, and then Damaged again, and then Damaged one more time along with Healed that time around, and Stolen. I thought I had it down this time. I thought i got all my little duckies in a row

Well I thought I did. O.o Crazy duckies

And now Hexed Hearts will FINALLY be releasing on June 8th *yeah two days away less than that really* And I think that most people know the story behind all my um…*problems* but each release should get easier right? It should be clock-work by now because i am releasing – can you believe this because i can’t my FOURTH book

No not that four but that would be nice *.*

I should right? It should be easy as pie?

I’ve actually found for me its getting harder each release. Each release I am trying to find ways to make a bigger splash to, have people see it and notice it. Is that selfish? Probably. But as I am going to begin to jump through hoops to keep my full time job, I realize that yeah i need to do everything i can do to succeed here. Indies say they write because they love it, and its true. But I want this to be what i get to do every day. I don’t want to have to sneak in time here and there and over there. But that means each book has to be better than the next

And that means I have to be better. And that means I have to work a lot fucking harder

But I am finding that sometimes I keep running into the same problem

Over and over and over again.

I am not even going to lie there as been multiple times I have thought about stopping. Like legit sending out the last book into the cyber world then closing up shop. It would be a lot easier. I wouldn’t have so much stress and I would sure as hell have a lot more money. *yeah you read that right* This is not a get rich scheme. Hell I just want enough that i could live off of while still being able to cut back part time or *gasp* quit my day job

Anyways I will get off my high horse

The point of this post is to say this: I have run into many problems, even with this book right now, with my new kickass editor. And I still keep trying. I am running myself through the wringer, because at the end of the day, yeah if I reach one reader to messages me and tells me that my first book – my hidden shame *yes i call it that, yes we all have that one book we look at and think, I wish i could have done it differently* made them fall in love with reading again.

It’s worth it.

So this is my long-winded way of saying come Monday June 8th when my fourth book is release I will be proud of what I have done. I worked my ass off, and a – well practically a village worked their asses off for me as well – For that I am proud.