Release Day: Secrets of the Dead (Curse Breakers 2)

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Secrets of the Dead (Curse Breakers 2)

A necromancer’s 21st birthday is a sacred. But my twin, Rowan, and my 21st birthday is life alternating, and everything is about to change.

Leaving my hometown for the first time, I escape to the big city, searching for answers. There, I discover secrets lurking in every shadow. And my family has a lot more to answer to than I originally thought. But I will do anything to keep Rowan safe.

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Catch up with Art of Death (Book 1) 

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New Covers; New Releases

New Covers and New Release Dates

If you have been with me from the beginning or even just recently, you might have noticed that the Rebirth Series has sort of been sitting while I jump to new project to new project. Well as authors we have to work with what we think will sell. Last year I decided the best decision I could make for the Rebirth Series was to give it a brand new look and get them under a new genre. Which meant the existing books needed work.

So without further ado…

all together now

The Rebirth Series

Damaged (Book 1)

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There are beings in this world, long thought to be extinct.

Some people seek to protect them, others long for control, but a dastardly few . . . are hell bent on their destruction.

Abducted from her father, Audrey was hidden away and tortured for five years. Despite being rescued, she lives in fear of the next betrayal. Can she learn to trust those who freed her, without accepting the truth of who she truly is?

On a routine mission to extract valuable information from a rival clan of paranormals, Stone and his team find something far more valuable. Within a scarred, damaged young woman lies a secret more powerful than they can comprehend. Knowing there is more to Audrey than meets the eye, Stone is determined to protect her. Forced together, the pair quickly feel the squeeze of shadows of corruption closing in from all sides.

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Healed (Book 2)


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Ancient races, long thought to be extinct, are being reborn.

Elijah, a cold soul feeder, brushed fates with one such creature. The experience left him with a new awareness. He now knows can never return to the emotionless existence he had before and craves what he cannot have. Love.

Valentine’s need to help those in pain has caused her trouble repeatedly but never as much as the day she sees Elijah. His pain runs deeper than anyone she’s ever met. The intensity of the way he watches her, terrifies her, as does the fact that no one else can see him.

With a new world opening before her, Valentine must choose between hiding in the shadows of her old life and reaching within for a power that can change everything she knows.


Stolen (Prequel)

book prequel

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Xavier is set to protect the dying races. As a fierce gargoyle warrior, he isn’t meant to love deeply.

Drake is the last of his kind, and survival isn’t easy.

Xavier recognizes Drake as his true mate the first time they meet. However, Drake’s tormented past has led him to the wrong woman. Xavier must do what he can to save Drake from the choices he’s made. If Drake’s resentment, fears, and stubborn denial can be overcome, they’ll have a love that could bridge the races.

This isn’t a story of redemption. This is their story.

Burned (Book 3)


Releasing May/June 2019

Two souls burned in the past finally reunited.

Marcus a warrior fae left the Shade a millennia ago to be with his true mate, a mate he was destined repeatedly to lose. The Clans are making the move to destroy, control, or save the Rebirth Paranormals. Marcus is about to reunited with the woman he thought he lost. But his past is coming for him too. The fae are on the move.

War is coming.

Althea had memories of a yellow-eyed magical being who had saved, killed, and been hers. Those memories will threaten to destroy the love she once had, but could also save the lives of hundreds of paranormal creatures. It’s time to stop history from repeating itself.

This time they will not lose.


Drowned (Book 4)

Releasing October/November 2019

Tamed (Book 5) – Final book

Releasing 2020


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New Release: Art of Death

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Art of Death

What if a single act of rebellion had the power to change your fate?

Rowan and Abel Hayes’ birth ended a centuries-old family curse, but being a curse breaker has its drawbacks. Now they live a life full of rules.

When Rowan breaks a rule, she sets a powerful chain of events into motion that she never could’ve imagined. Abel is kidnapped, and it’s up to Rowan to save her twin. Can she rely on the aid of an old friend who once betrayed her? Or will new enemies prove too strong for her to handle?

(New Adult, contains language and sexual content. 18+)

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Demon Ash (The Resurrection Chronicles #3)

Demon Ash-Ebook


The world is nothing like Mya remembers. While in Ernisi, cites have been bombed and burned in an attempt to stop the hellhounds and the plague. The survivors are doing everything they can to win back their world from the hell that was unleashed with the first quake.

With Drav’s help, Mya reunites with her family, but they are far from safe. Marauders, hellhounds, and the infected are doing their best to destroy what’s left of the world, and it’s up to Mya and Drav to save it.




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Demon Ash



Demon Flames (The Resurrection Chronicles 2)

Preorder links are up for Demon Flames! If you have read Demon Ember and loved it, want to find out where the adventure continues with Mya and Drav you won’t have to wait much longer! Check out the synopsis and preorder links!

And as always if  you enjoyed, hated, or felt meh about Demon Ember we (Melissa and I) are always very interested in your feedback so consider leaving a review 😉 Now onward about Demon Flames right???

Demon Flames

Demon Flames_ebook

As hellhounds continue to roam and the zombie plague spreads, Drav leads Mya to the source of her troubles—Ernisi, an underground Atlantis and Drav’s home. There Mya learns that the shadowy demons, who’ve helped devastate her world, are not what they seem.

Trapped in Ernisi, Mya tries to convince Drav to return her to the surface so she can continue her search for her family. However, he’s determined to keep her where he knows she’ll be safe. When Mya falls ill, Drav must choose between her and his people.

**Recommended for adult readers
***Part 2 of 3

Pre-Order Links:

Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/DFsmashwords
Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/DemonFlamesKobo
Barnes and Noble: http://tinyurl.com/DemonFlamesnook
Itunes: http://tinyurl.com/DemonFlamesiBook
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2u7wn6k


Summer Projects

So I have been eerily quiet on social media.


Because I have been working on a secret project that has been revealed: Demon Ember a co-authored project I’m doing with not only a great friend of mine but an author I admire and respect: MJ Haag

So you can check out the information for that book on the new projects page or go ahead and check out the pre-order links here:
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The first half the year, I was pretty absent from signings, but here where I will be:

Once Upon a Book (August, Frankenmuth, MI)

Penned Con (September, St. Louis, MO)

Great Lakes Book Bash (October, Kalamazoo, MI)

Pre-orders sign up sheets will be made for each signing and posted on my facebook page

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Hunter’s Heart Release (and more)






*Squeal* He is finally here all!!! If you have been an eager beaver waiting to hear Hunter’s side of things, or joining this story for the first time Hunter is about to dive deep into his feelings and emotions….and who am I kidding? He is going to be the same Growly Voice, Yellow Eyed, more beast than man who is trying to win the heart of his girl the only way he knows how…with his actions not his words.

Official Synopsis:

Cursed by a witch as a child, Hunter struggles daily for control over his beast. The only peace he can find is in the missions he runs as a pack enforcer. Hunting his prey helps subdue his wolf, giving Hunter a brief reprieve from his increasing animalism. Then, he scents her, his mate.

Her presence soothes his wolf but she’s keeping secrets that are pull her away. Hunter must decide if he can live with secrets and fight for the mate he’d never thought he’d have or if the curse will win.

(New Adult. Contains language and sexual content. 18+)

Official buy link: Amazon

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So the more! In about a week i will in off to Roanoke Virginia for my first signing of the year! I am pretty excited to start off the Con year with such a fun signing, I had such a blast year I am excited for this year.

In the back of Hunter’s Heart you will find a little surprise 😉 I hope you are all excited about, I will be making the announcement about it probably a week or so after the release. Keep up with me better either on Facebook  or on with my Newsletter

And don’t forget you can start with Hunter’s Heart but you can also read Colette‘s side of the story now! Free on KU