Over-used Update Title Post

I often post this because I’m dreadful at my blog.

I’m dreadful at keeping this site afloat. For that I sincerely apologize. And no excuses are going to change that fact so let’s cut that bullshit out right now, shall we?

2016 was a rough ass year. Don’t even try to deny what we all know to be true. It was especially rough for me. The year previous I had only managed to wiggle out Hexed Hearts,  and that was mess too. 2016 was a dry year for me as well, I was around doing a few box sets here and there. But my big projects of the year was revamping the Rebirth series, and getting Hunter’s Heart edited.

Neither an easy feat let me tell you! I did manage to sneak a novella out there for you all. I am having a go at my Mercenaries, they are my fun writes. The ones that take me about a month to write *when i was on a strict word count* and just easy quick reads. I’m expanding on those for 5 books, after that we shall see.

So now the new rebirth series covers and insides have been revealed. Hunter’s Heart is sitting on amazon on preorder and of course i have two Merc novellas out, 2017 hasn’t been a bad start, right?

I’m hoping to keep that momentum rolling. I’m shoulders deep into edits for Burned and working on writing the fourth Merc book. I have a mini-surprise going to be included in Contracted (book three of the Merc series) since it had been recently published through a box set.

So whoa, lots to dump on you after a year of silence. I say we all scrub 2016 from our memories and move right along as if it never happened 😉 *sorry to those that had an abnormally good year* (but the rest of us didn’t so deal)

I’ll say this every time. I will really, really try to get better at posting here. I am going to try for a monthly newsletter. But the best way to keep up on my information is through Facebook, if I’m not posting there then my PA is, and if she isn’t then we  are both dead and someone please save us.

So how was this as a heartfelt apology?

I did update my “books” section, new very vague dates have been posted along with some new titles.

I won’t promise to rock this website/blog because we all know I won’t but I’m definitely going to give it a good shot!

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