In Light of a Release

Hello everyone

Have I mentioned I am terrible at keeping up with blogs? Usually I am much better with facebook but if you follow me there you know I have been sort of silent on there as well. Well what gives?

Last time I popped on here it was to give you all some sort of sad news, the release for Hexed Hearts was being pushed back

I know, I know i felt the same way. After struggling with Damaged, and then Damaged again, and then Damaged one more time along with Healed that time around, and Stolen. I thought I had it down this time. I thought i got all my little duckies in a row

Well I thought I did. O.o Crazy duckies

And now Hexed Hearts will FINALLY be releasing on June 8th *yeah two days away less than that really* And I think that most people know the story behind all my um…*problems* but each release should get easier right? It should be clock-work by now because i am releasing – can you believe this because i can’t my FOURTH book

No not that four but that would be nice *.*

I should right? It should be easy as pie?

I’ve actually found for me its getting harder each release. Each release I am trying to find ways to make a bigger splash to, have people see it and notice it. Is that selfish? Probably. But as I am going to begin to jump through hoops to keep my full time job, I realize that yeah i need to do everything i can do to succeed here. Indies say they write because they love it, and its true. But I want this to be what i get to do every day. I don’t want to have to sneak in time here and there and over there. But that means each book has to be better than the next

And that means I have to be better. And that means I have to work a lot fucking harder

But I am finding that sometimes I keep running into the same problem

Over and over and over again.

I am not even going to lie there as been multiple times I have thought about stopping. Like legit sending out the last book into the cyber world then closing up shop. It would be a lot easier. I wouldn’t have so much stress and I would sure as hell have a lot more money. *yeah you read that right* This is not a get rich scheme. Hell I just want enough that i could live off of while still being able to cut back part time or *gasp* quit my day job

Anyways I will get off my high horse

The point of this post is to say this: I have run into many problems, even with this book right now, with my new kickass editor. And I still keep trying. I am running myself through the wringer, because at the end of the day, yeah if I reach one reader to messages me and tells me that my first book – my hidden shame *yes i call it that, yes we all have that one book we look at and think, I wish i could have done it differently* made them fall in love with reading again.

It’s worth it.

So this is my long-winded way of saying come Monday June 8th when my fourth book is release I will be proud of what I have done. I worked my ass off, and a – well practically a village worked their asses off for me as well – For that I am proud.



  1. I have started reading Hexed Hearts and I must say it is amazing. You have done another wonderful job and your work is much appreciated by you readers.

    1. awww thanks you hun ❤ xoxox that is so great to hear!!! im so glad you are enjoying it!!! this comment made my month :* xoxox

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