I am in the cone of shame

For why you ask?
Because yet again I set up a release day and I am blowing right through it
Well the hope is that one day I will get this right 😉

So let me explain what happened. First off, no I am not going to say names, and please don’t ask because I am not here to attack just to explain the situation.

So the beginning of January Hexed Hearts was through betas, and all done being written and was supposed to go off to the editor. I <– me — after having a discussion with who I consider my mentor, friend, and all around amazing person, decided it would be best if I went through it one more time, Really go in there and flesh it out, try to pick apart my bad-habits.
I agreed, only to find out my editor was booked up until March. Well because of *obvious* issues I had, had in the past I agreed to just wait, push back my original *in mind date* All the while this was happening, in real life I was getting use to working two jobs, paying bills, and just trying to get other writing in but I was honestly having writers block. I felt a lot stuck too because HH was on the back-burner when I knew that it was ready for an editor.
All the while *this does have something to do with the overall story i promise* I found out that a friend of mine from way back when actually started his own editing service. I was super excited to hear about it and told him I would keep him in mind for later works but I already had set something up with a different editor for HH
so that is what I was going to do.
I made it through a freezing February

And March was here! I was ecstatic! Editor had HH and I was going to write, and wait patiently for editor to finish. I am not here to place blame, and I am not here to dirty anyone’s name, hence why I am NOT going to say the name but you deserve to hear what happened and why I am behind.
Our three weeks were up and I didn’t have anything from editor. We talked and in the end we had to go our separate ways.
So what did this mean for me? I had a partially edited book, and a creeping deadline.

So yeah I was so not freaking out or anything. All the while I had been working on my secret project with a bunch of other amazing authors which by the way is coming VERY VERY SOON


*wink wink*

I had been working with that friend from way back when on these edits to see how we worked together. Well it turns out, he is really good for me. He pushes me, and makes me do better. Well I begged and pleaded *pretty much just asked* if he could help me out with Hexed Hearts. He went looked through the partially edited copy I had and decided it would probably be best we just start over. Each editor, edits different ways, and I agreed to do that.

So where does this put us? This was happening in the last week of march/ first week of April. so new editor and I began work on HH, but have I mentioned that this book is big? Like a lot bigger than any other of my books (aka 122000 words to give you a reference 389 pages in word (double spaced)

I KNOW! Crazy!

Here is the thing, I wanted this release to go so, so right and so amazing because I am beyond proud of the book I had produced. So i signed up with Xpresso Tours for a book blitz/release blitz thing which was supposed to be happening in four days (that was the deadline for us)

I made the very tough decision to cancel the book blitz for now, I am rescheduling that, but the reason I canceled is because I honestly don’t think we will finish HH and do the job that it deserves if we try to squish it into four days being we are on chapt 12-14 out of 32

So yeah.

I am not trying to place blame on editor 1, I am not. Because I was the one who pushed off in the beginning of the year, and shit happens. I get that.
I wish i could say that I could pull a miracle out of my ass but here is the thing, I told you all that editor 2 really pushes me. And he does. I am even more proud of HH and all the work we have done on it so far that I hope you all understand that as much as I want to give this you like three days ago, I am thinking it might be a little longer

Trust me when I say this sucks. It really does. I was expecting at this time of the year to be finishing up the last bits of Burned and getting it prepared for betas and editor.

Like I said though life happens, shit happens.
Both editor and I have other jobs, and other things going on in our lives that as much as i wish i could say we could spend every waking moment on this, we can’t. I wouldn’t ever ask him of that either.

I can’t promise a date yet.
I am so sorry. I can’t even explain how sorry I am.

So in other news! (happier news)
I have just ordered a whole slew of swag that i am very excited about
And i got a banner! I am going to wait to reveal that until I get the physical one here!
But i got a new fancy logo that I am head over heels with!
LogoIt’s it amazing?!?!?!?!
I love it!
Anyhoops I am still working two jobs but that might be changing soon and i might be downgrading to one but upgrading to full time. It sucks but it would guarantee me two days off which means two full days of just writing stuff! EEEE!!
I have been working on a very special treat for UtopYA that I am hoping I will be able to do at other cons!
pssst its a Rebirth Paranormal Personality Quiz 😉
And I have that short coming out very soon!! I can’t wait for you all to meet Dom and see my more saucy side 😉

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