Release Date – yeah you read that right

So FINALLY after on my I don’t know changing tentative dates on you all for two months now? I think I finally FINALLY, FINALLY HAVE ONE!

Yup, yup, yup!

I have to seriously thank so many people a 100 times over for

A) being there for me

b) listening to me complain and complain and complain and be the biggest baby in the world

c) For helping me through the process

d) Sticking with me for this long

So why did it take me THIS LONG to give you a final, for realz, in cement date?

Welll I had a couple different people looking at Damaged, I had betas who went through it – and they were wonderful and I adore them for everything they did for me. I really think they helped shape this bad boy up. I have to thank my friend Jaime so sososo much because she (after i pleaded and begged) her to do a final run through of edits for me, she did. You know just making sure there were no repeat paragraphs (there were), making sure that I didn’t forget words (i did) and so much more. So after that was done.

I had to decide, go with someone else formatting this? Or should I try to do it myself? Yeah no I went with someone. And I HAVE TO THANK HER A MILLION times over ❤ So that is all said and done, publishing is shit ton more work then i thought it would be

Seriously no, call me stupid, call me naive i don’t care. This is what I thought when I started: I will have a couple people read through it, make sure everything is in the right place. Get a cover. Hit DA BUTTON. HA! what a joke. It was literally to the point i wanted to rip out my own goddamn hair (sorry I swear, I like swear words i think they are fun) anyways. So after what August is when i finished writing Damaged, so September, October, November, December, and most of January was me trying to figure this all out – and while somethings I had personal problems with everything worked out. I learned so much. And you know what, I think this might be the most rewarding this I have ever done. Crazy as it sounds, and I know I sound like a damned loon right now but bear with me.

I have a twin. O.O (GASP!) I have a twin she looks nothing like me, and no i am not going to post a picture of her either. Anyways. The point is I have always had someone, always, always, always. We did the same sports, we had a lot of the same classes, we both did marching/concert band, and then even when we got older and went to different colleges. I had my best friends, two of my best friends were going to the same college as me. There has been a lot of times in my life, I have always been part of a group, always doing something with someone i REALLY knew, someone I could totally and utterly rely on. And THIS, this was just me – granted I had two friends helping with the beginning part of this (friends from home). But I was finally doing something without my twin, or my friends from home there. I had my online friends who quickly became my family helping me and encouraging me but this felt different for me. Finally I was stepping up and doing something.

And you know what? I have already won. I have already “made it” out of my beta readers none of them – and i wasn’t suspecting any of them to tell me it was shit but i was expecting them to honest with me, they loved it. And that is what I wanted. I want people to get what I get from reading when reading Damaged… does that make sense? Hhahaha okay. So I want to be able to help readers to escape for awhile, to read something that isn’t going to change history or stop wars anything like that. I just wanted to write something that is going to help Ashley (i pick that name only because i knew at LEAST 10 Ashleys in my graduating class) disappear for a couple hours a day – or however longs to take to read Damaged. So yeah I won. But I just wanted it to be available to the general public and i know not everyone is going to love it, but that is okay. It will be okay. So you want that release date now?


January 31st. Whoooo i got a little thrilly chilly shiver going up my spine.

Can I say it again? I am going to, you can’t stop me. January 31st.

JANUARY 31ST!!!!!! So if you will, if you are almost as excited as I am right now share this date?

Make sure the word gets out. ❤

And thank you.

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