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So while Damaged is going through it’s very, i mean this really I do, VERY last edits. I am going to send out the ARCs and about a week later – I am hoping, I will hit that publish button. Now I know I KNOW i have been horrible first it was December, then early January, now its going to be later-ish January, funny how time flies….and gets away from you. But I promise, if it means I have to publish this bad boy half way through its last edits – which is just making sure those pesky little commas are in the right place for um…new scenes that arose out of beta reads, then that is what i will do. I am as eager as you!

So, sosososososo what’s this little post about?

Well since I feel like such an ass for doing the oh i promise it will be out now, then it gets pushed back again are you interested in learning about where i am going with this series?

So. As of right now I have 5 full-length novels (including Damaged) planned out, and one Novella.

So there is Damaged: Audrey and Stone’s story.

Healed: Book Two Elijah and Valentine’s Story

Broken: Book Three Nixie and Dallas’ story

Untitled: Book Four Ami and undecided name story hehe

Burned: Book Five Marcus and undecided name2 story

So yes this is going to be a series that uses different characters for each book, but the running plot problem is is there. I am not sure things may change with how many books I decide to have, but as of right now that is how it is looking. I have each one having a summary plot in my head, some are more complex than others, but for right now that is what I am going for. So I know these are names you don’t know at all but Valentine, Ami and the two undecided names are NOT in Damaged. They appear later in the series – you meet both Valentine and Ami in book two which i am currently working my little fingers to the bones on. I am plot wise about 1/4 ish done. Hahaha but don’t let that freak you out, I know where i am going with it, and how i want things to go its just the matter of getting it down XD.

So there will be one Novella that I am actually working on right now as well. This how long its going to be I really have no idea. This isn’t really part of the running plot of the five books though this is a sort of prequel that goes into the first part of Damaged. I will tell you the name but I cannot tell you the characters, spoilers and all that. 😀

A Rebirth Novella: Stolen

So what does Rebirth stand for? What does this mean?

The world I created is on Earth – don’t worry 😉 its not a high fantasy. This mostly only deals with the paranormal side of the world though. Over a century ago elder races who were mixture of different elemental Gods or even a pure race from one God ruled the paranormal world, they kept peace, and as a reward and hmm how do I put this (sorry i am very candid sometimes) it was a way to keep peace between different types of paranormals and families.

True mates doesn’t necessarily mean insta-love it just means the person that they are destined to be with, they don’t have to like each other very much at first, and it doesn’t mean they have to accept other but it was the Gods way of thanking their loyal paranormals.

Conflict started to arise though, the elder races began to speak up about humans knowing their secrets. It wasn’t unheard of for a paranormal to have a human mate, but the world did not know and the paranormal’s felt suppressed. Many paranormals didn’t agree, in fact they were down right pissed. They gathered together and started an uprising. Unknown to humans a war raged on, Elder Races were thought to be killed and extinct. This caused the Gods to turn their back on their creations and the true mates started to disappear.

The paranormal world broke apart into different Clans ruled by families. The thought to be extinct creatures are reemerging.

And tada! So know you are a little more informed about the Rebirth Series. I hope you enjoyed that. sorry this is very unedited, and I am lazy enough to admit I am not going through it XD i am better with my books i swear I just want to get back at writing hahaha ENJOY!


  1. WTG Becca…very excited for your jump into the world of the published and can’t wait to read your very first novel!!! CONGRATS 🙂

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