Stops Along the Way

So the promotional blog tour of Damaged starts today!
I am so thrilled, and so excited so many blogs signed up to do this with me. I can’t even begin to thank them enough.

A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to my partner and one of my best friends Hannah Pole. She is such a peach for allowing this to be our first real trial run at a blog tour. I couldn’t be more thrilled. This is such an amazing opportunity for me. I know I don’t have a lot of followers, and I know that I pushed back the date release on my book, but I am so glad for the people who have been supporting me this whole way through. I love you guys so much you are all wonderful and I am hoping Damaged lives up to your expectations. And to thank you and the bloggers helping me out I am offering up two ARC copies of Damaged in a rafflecopter. I hope you check out each day along the tour as each day will have a different teaser banner.

So here is the picture schedule ❤ (made by Hannah)


And the plain old list ❤


Literary Haven Meet and Greet
@literary Haven

Just Me,Myself,and I

The Violet Hour


Fairiechick’s Fantasy Book Reader


Diva’s Literary World

The Musical Book Nook


Alicia Audrey’s Inspiration Tree

Tiffany’s Book Hangover




Stephanie Constante


Fallen Over Book Reviews

Jazzy Book Reviews


Dominique Goodall


Terri Dion


Literary Haven Sign off

BabyCakes Book Blog

Hannah Pole


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