News, News, News

So, so much news!

Okay so AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am going on TOUR!

Yup you read that right I am going on TOUR!

Hannah Pole and I started our own blog tour/promotions company called Literary Haven

You can check out here:

And we are doing a bit of a sample tour is what we are calling it right now. So its a week long fun times, of a spotlight post, ARC giveaway and yeah.

So when the official Tour Dates comes out I will post it up here, but for right now I know we are starting at The Violet Hour Book Reviews on the 18th of November and ending at Hannah Pole’s Blog on the 25th ❤

So that was one bit of news.

Next bit of news
The Literary Haven in general – well we are offering up a lot of different types of discounts and we would love for people to get excited about it, learn more about it, and if you are a blogger and would be interested we have a sign up form – and we would love to have you ❤

Kay now for some more exciting news

I have sent out a new teaser banner thing ❤ its like my most favorite thing ever. ANNNNND

Betas officially have Damaged. EEEP! I have been a whole ball of stress but its also all kinds of awesome

So yay! Thats really all I suppose.

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