My Totally Utterly Un-shocking Revelation

So today was my day off from my day-job.
It’s one of the days I decide, I am going to write a shit-ton and just get this much farther into my book.
Unfortunately last night I had a craving so bad to read a book series that I fell in love with when I first was review-blogging.
I recommended it to my PA and a few weeks ago I was just thinking about it, constantly. Like a random weird
book hang-over from almost over two years ago.
It demanded to be remembered.

I have a point I swear!

Last night I was far too tired to write so I was like well I will open up this book and read it for a bit.
Then I will sleep, wake up early, and start to write. For all day. And get so much done.

Hahaha about that….

I stayed up super late reading the book instead. Woke up stupid early just to finish it.
*yes i book I already read, that I knew how it ended*

So as I finished up the craving to read the rest of the series again hit me like a ton of bricks.
And while flipping between the wonderful world of the facebook and reading, and keeping my netflix going in the background I was talking with some friends

I kid you not when asked what I was up to
my response was this: being a bad author

I felt terribly gulity because I didn’t have a finish project under my belt *meaning a current wip* and yet here I was thinking that I didn’t have the right to just relax and veg out and read for a day

I know right? I know what you are all thinking, how dare I think that I not want to write, or even try to write on my day off. What is wrong with me?
Or maybe you are thinking, nah girl you deserve a day

Well here is a little tibit about me: I sadly feel completely and utterly behind right now. I wanted to have three books out this year, HH was supposed to be done in like April? Date changed so many times even I forgot. Anyhoops the point of this rant is that I feel incredibly behind, and letting each one of my readers down. by not trying to get words down every day and finishing this books up

Well after my messaging my friend and trust me they tell me this all the time is that i can take breaks that, i am allowed that

Today was sort of my eye-opening like…oh holy fuck I can.

I work full time as it is, at a very demanding job, im staring at computer for most of the day, dealing with customers, my co-workers and overall its exhausting.

I love writing, I do. but its also a lot of work and right now im trying to push out Burned because that is what i want to release next, I really, really do. But when your muse, little voices, or characters whatever you want to call it, are pulling you in a different direction sometimes all you can do is go along. That is for a different post though

okay so what I decided.
It’s okay to take a break.
My author friends, my blogger friends, my reader friends, my other industry friends
My huge revelation that will change no one’s lives is this:


It’s okay.
You’re human.
You need a break.
Just like the snickers commercials says you need to eat.
I am telling you, you need to take a break sometimes and even if you are feeling behind
Even if you are feeling behind and you know that you need to get work done. Take a break.

So now that my great revelation that everyone already knew about has been revealed
That is what I did with my day. I vegged. I read.
it was fucking amazing
not even going to lie.

Read on my loves
and if you are interested in knowing the titles of the Books that were consuming my mind these are it:
Eden West
Eden South
Eden East
by Janelle Stalder

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