Let Me Explain

Before we get the pitch forks and torches out let me explain

So I am trying to get better at keeping up here, and keeping up on facebook with post and what nots.
Most of you know I work at two other jobs – if you didn’t know you do ^.^
And I am not quite sure why but anytime I decide to come to the basement to catch up on TV – while I try to write – I always decide to write a blog post – sooooo I should try to catch up on TV more often is what I am saying 😉 cause then I get on here to write an explanatory blog to you all wonderfuls who I adore.

So heres the happs!

This coming Saturday – November 8th is so very exciting! Why?
Because I am going to an signing! I don’t want to say my “First” but it sort of is my first. I know I went to UtopYA got a featured spot at Carlyle L.’s table, we have been through this, but this is the first time I will be on my own, and there exclusively for me! O.O <— yes shakes in boots!

Besides mine aren’t baby seal…..O.O

So if you are in Michigan and close enough by please come and support me and many other MI authors!
here is more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/270591943139935/?sid_reminder=2441785355561598976


Here is the deal awhile back I gave you a better understanding of where the Rebirth Series was headed, and what I was planning for releases. BUT

This is one of the reasons I don’t put my books up on GR (Goodreads) before I actually start writing them and I am more than half way through – even then sometimes I do put it up until I am DONE writing the thing…why? Because I …

A pantser

What does this mean?

A pantser: (Becca’s definition) – A pantser is a writer who doesn’t plot, they write as they go and hope for the best. New ideas come to them as they write.

A pantser: (An official definition) – A NaNoWriMo term that means that you ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ when you are writing your novel. You have nothing but the absolute basics planned out for your novel.
(sourced from urban dictionary)

So what this means for me, is that while I thought I had the Rebirth Series all figured out now. I didn’t.
Let me explain, when I started to write Damaged it was actually derived from *dramatic music* Hexed Hearts!
Crazy I know (Hexed Hearts is that werewolves/witches book I have been working on) The idea of Audrey came from the beginning of Hexed Hearts. Weird I know. Anyways Damaged was originally going to be a standalone, then these two characters started to come alive, and this whole new idea formed – and TA-DA Rebirth Series

Here is some even more craziness! Book two was originally supposed to be Nixie’s! buuuttt her story wasn’t coming to me, instead Elijah of all people was practically SCREAMING at me. So I took out Nixie’s epilogue and inserted Elijah’s. This is where the – me being a pantser comes into play – and also just being a writer.

Let’s take a second to detour real quick.


They come in all shapes and sizes, but here is the thing, if you force writing, more times than not it feels forced. I understand that the indie community has started to spoil readers and trust me I am in on this with you other readers! Give me my next book in my series like yesterday please and thank you! We as indie authors can do that now, we can produce than one book in a series a year, hell some people are crazy enough to FINISH series in one year. BUUTTT sometimes authors get stuck and that is when they produce that random other book during your series.

Well here I am going to let you in on a secret

Author’s muses run and decide the game. A lot of times I know authors say its their authors that are their muses at the time. Well that is true for me.

Obviously – because you notice what Elijah did? He took. He took his spot as the next in the series. So back to that-ness, yeah circled back 😉

Here is the thing Amani who one of my favorite new characters sort of started out really loudly at the end of Healed has become extremely quite while a sultry, new accented voice as started up….






So after thinking about it… I realized something actually really important to the plot of the ENTIRE series. Actually a HUGE plot hole. HUGE HUGE HUGE PLOT HOLE one that even with the help of my friend Desiree DeOrto I still don’t feel comfortable with. So after talking to Jennifer my new PA and taking a couple days to really think about it – because I didn’t think when I made the first decision.

Tamed – (Amani’s book) is being flipped with

Burned – (Marcus’ book) so next to release – after Stolen will be – Burned. I honestly sat down thought and “plotted” as much as I could and I feel very good about this decision. I realize that some people were VERY excited about Ami’s book and I am sorry I was all for writing her book but …. :/ this feels more right to me.

I understand that Healed has Amani’s epilogue

So I have a few options I can

1) Pull Amani’s epilogue from Healed and insert Marcus’s which will be posted here as well
B ) Write Marcus’s epilogue in Stolen
III) Reveal Marcus’s epilogue here on my blog

So that is my biggest newest news to share right now.

Like I said I realize that this might upset some readers but in the end I have to do what is going to be best for my series and what my “muse” demands of me.

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