Newsletters, Releases, and More Oh My!

So if you ever think, damn I know there was a series that the next book was coming out, that I really wanted to read but totally forgot what it was, when it was releasing, and overall, you need a better way to stalk (possibly) one your new favorite authors (aka me 😉 )

Well good news! (after my amazing friend, and other author Melissa Haag yelled at me…again) I have gotten my Newsletter all set up!

Okay maybe you aren’t as excited as I am about this, but I am pretty damn excited 😉

For people who sign up between now and August 11th will be getting an exclusive (meaning I will not post it anywhere but in the newsletter) excerpt from Healed <– it is one of my favorite scenes, ever. Sammie told me she felt the same way ^.^ After August 11th, all who have signed up and will be signing up, will get an exclusive, first look at the first chapter of Stolen (A Rebirth Prequel). Exciting I know 😉

So to sign up you just need to fill this quick form out:
And confirm when you get the e-mail. This will ensure you are able to be aware of any sales, possible first looks at covers, and know releases (before and day of)

Kay so that was my first big set of news!

Next IF you haven’t heard yet:

Healed will be releasing on August 11th (as long as Amazon corporate’s – have been hearing from friends that it has been sort of iffy lately – and everything goes according to plan!)

Healed - Amazon Front Cover



And I am going to let you all in on a little secret 😉
If you know me, you know I adore Airicka Phoenix 

Well she and I are working together to make the Paperbacks of Damaged and Healed (and the rest of the Series) truly special ^.^

I am not sure if I should be sharing it yet….but I am impatient so ^.^

10567917_674304532653311_444258392_n 10570614_674307932652971_1198733062_n


Yeahhhh ^.^ <— excited

So that is happening.

So currently, what I am working on is Stolen, it turns out Stolen is going to be a “longer” novella, according to most things I can find, websites, word of mouth, sort of stuff, Stolen is technically a small novel, it just reaches over 50,000 words but because it is significantly shorter than Damaged and Healed, I don’t feel right telling you its a novel, so I am calling it a novella.  Stolen is a prequel in the Rebirth Series, this is dealing with Xavier and Drake (yes it is a M/M romance) It is NOT necessary to read to continue the series, I do recommend to read Damaged before reading Stolen (I realize how backwards that sounds, trust me I do) but it gives you background on the characters, and Stolen’s timeline starts before Damaged, then ENDS where Damaged ends.
You can learn more about Stolen here at it’s Goodreads page: Stolen
I do have the cover, and let me tell you. O.M.GOSH. SERIOUSLY. I think its the best yet, and I cannot wait to show it off, but I am not sure when that will be yet!

So while Stolen is out to my awesome-sauce betas. I am working on a new novel, outside of the Rebirth Series


WAIT!!! Before you riot!

Let me explain, when I started this series, I told myself I will not work on anything until this Series is over with.
welll that didn’t work. I love the characters in the Rebirth Series, I love the universe, I do! But part of me is needing a break, another part of me wants to explore this other story that has been knocking around in my head for almost a year and half now. I had the idea before I even wrote Damaged, to be honest, it helped me form the beginning for Damaged. But I wanted to go back to it. And I think it is a good decision for me. Series are hard, you get the people who love them, want to stick with them, and that is awesome. But you might get a reader who while might like my style just quite not feeling this series. I have nothing else out there. So I want to be able to have a book someone can pick up read and not have to be sucked into a series, or have the series hanging over their heads.

So over all I am happy with my decision to take a small break from the Rebirth Series, like I said I have Stolen all ready to go, so right now my concern is to work my ass off to finish this new beast of a book. Right now I am a forth of the way through and I am at 40,000+ words. O.O <— like i said beast. We will see what happens. So I am hoping to have this finished (like out to betas, and what nots) when Stolen is releasing, and I will be going to work on the rest of the Rebirth Series.



Here is a little hint for the new book – it will be a stand-alone, because the ass of the Main Man decided to speak up, there will be a novella from his POV (i am sort of writing it as I write the original story we will see how that works out) I do not have a title out for you yet. Sorry, seriously I am calling it Untitled, I don’t even have a pretend title for it. It is a PNR and will be NA (whether it will be a clean NA or not I am not sure yet, that is entirely up to my characters – they aren’t getting along right now)


So I am trying to make sure there is no other news that I need to give out yet….

I got a new logo

banner logo Black Logo


I am all sorts of in love with it ❤

So I guess I will recap:

Release Day for Healed: August 11th
If you want to sign up for the release day blitz: Sign up
  If you want to sign up for the BLOG TOUR: Sign up
  If you are interested joining my Street Team (private message me) here: Sign up

Kay that’s all folks

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