Getting Set up



(thanks to Kim who made ^^^ this for me)

EEEP! Finally getting this bad-boy all set up. 

Most information as been happening over at my Facebook page, sorry I have been crazy busy with other stuff. I know, I know that is so bad. But COVER REVEAL ON FRIDAY figured it was time! Haha sorry about that. 

So I guess introductions are in order. 

HI, I am Becca – (hopefully) soon to be published indie author, my first book is called Damaged part of a series called The Rebirth Series, now I don’t want to give away too much about the first yet, but you can check out the synopsis for book one under the Rebirth Series tab.

I was actually a blogger before I decided to make the decision to publish but I was writing long before I was blogging. I just never thought about doing this not because I thought I was better than it because trust me, I am not. That is laughable, actually if you ever interested in checking out how I feel about Indie authors in generals you can check out this THIRD (yes THIRD) blog i have for a class (5th year in college I am getting there):

Anyways, I almost gave up on the idea of writing. Crazy I know. But yeah it was a huge decision for me to really get back into this. Writing has always been a love of mine, sort of… it really started in the end of the 5th grade, and beginning of 6th grade. Anyways right now where I am at in Damaged is, it’s done, its written, its being edited. I am hoping December but there might be a chance it will be pushed back to January but I promise I will keep peoples updated. 

So That is all for now I suppose. ❤ thanks for your support 


(thanks again to Kim who made this) 


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